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I am a certified Radical Living coach, this encompasses the work of Colin Tipping, including Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation. I use several of his tools and techniques in coaching sessions. It is amazing and powerful work, I can attest to that from my own experience. I have worked in person with Colin and his wife JoAnn on several occasions. One experience being a tele-seminar, in which Colin invited me to speak about how art therapy can be incorporated with his work, to maximize the healing benefits.

Visit:  to learn more about Colin's work. You can find me under the coaching section of this site. 


A few years ago, I created a project incorporating the Radical Forgiveness work, along with art therapy and photography.  Shari Claire, who has worked with Colin for many years and is a master facilitator of his work, was inspired by my idea and passion. She helped me to facilitate the entire project. It was a magical experience in which over 40 women participated. I was intuitively guided to entitle the project,

 "i am all that is".  For those that do not know what "all that is" represents, it is the life-force energy that connects us all, the understanding that we are all connected with the divine as one.  Our own perspective determines what the divine means to us personally. It has been synchronistic to see the term "all that is" pop up everywhere within the last few years. A true validation that we are all connected as one collective consciousness. At the time that I created my project and intuited the name, I had no idea what it meant and had never heard of the term. After finishing the project, I had a deep knowing on a soul level as to the meaning. Life is such an amazing adventure! 



Intuitive coaching session-$125 (per session). 

Coaching sessions last around one hour and are customized to best serve your individual needs. Beneficial tools and techniques are shared  to support your continued forward movement. Sessions can be scheduled individually as needed. I also offer a multiple session package (below) that provides you with more consistent support, inspiring you to make a commitment to your own self-care and expansion. 

Intuitive coaching session package-$575 (package deal).

This package includes four individualized sessions total. One of these sessions lasts two hours and the other three sessions are one hour.  Ideal for those who would like to hold themselves accountable, by making an initial commitment to more than one session, providing more consistent support. A great way to make a commitment to your own self-care, expansion and growth. When we show up for ourselves, the Universe conspires to support us every step of the way. Plus an added perk for purchasing a package deal, the rate is only $115 per hour (five hours total). 

To view a slideshow of images from the iamallthatis project please click here. 

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