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Thrifty Manifestation Coaching Session

Take your manifestation abilities to the next level with this one-on-one coaching session. I will walk you step-by-step through the Thrifty Manifestation Method, in order to increase your manifestation skills, as well as your innate intuitive ability to consciously co-create in your life with Source! Read more below...

In this Coaching session you will learn how to use the Thrifty Manifestation Method. In addition to building your confidence in your own manifestation abilities...we will also be manifesting an actual, tangible item of your choice and creation as well! Source guidance and messages will also be channeling through, if you give permission and wish to receive them. Messages add to a more personalized experience, in connection to Source, your higher Soul self, Guides and Angels. You are an innately powerful creator being! Your manifestation abilities multiply exponentially, when you tune in with intention to your intuition, in order to co-create with Source. This is what you will be practicing in this you learn new tips to add to your manifestation bag of tricks! This Method is comprehensive and does not leave out key elements essential to bringing your creations into fruition, unlike some other manifestation tips you may have learned in the past. We learn through experience and I can guide you through, so give it a try!

Sign up for your own personal, one-on-one Thrifty Manifestation Coaching session by emailing me here.

Take your manifestation abilities next level with personalized step-by-step guidance through the Thrifty Manifestation Method.

In-person and Zoom / Whatsapp sessions available for nationwide / International sessions.

NEW!The Thrifty Manifestation Method, E-book and Game!

Learn more and visit the project website here.

Co-created by brother and sister team, Hans & Katie Klein. Copyright: I AM GUIDED Productions.


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Plus we will be posting about some new offerings, online and in person workshops and we will be doing GIVEAWAYS in our Facebook Group as well, so be sure to sign up and join in the fun!

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