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Akashic Record readings

Akashic Records and Oracle card Readings:

Psychic mediumship readings using oracle cards:
 Intuitive, psychic mediumship is provided in the Intuitive Reiki sessions that I offer. For those that would like to experience energy work (Reiki) along with intuitive psychic insights, please view the intuitive Reiki page.

This offering of a reading with oracle cards, is for an intuitive psychic mediumship reading only (no energy work included). The main difference between the two, is that you have the ability to ask questions about a specific topic in this reading. Whereas the information you receive in a Reiki session is directed by your personal guidance. Therefore, you would not ask specific questions. You would just relax and receive the Reiki energy work and then I would relay messages that I received during your session to you afterwards. 

What is psychic mediumship? It is the ability to connect to much higher frequency energy than we are used to connecting with our five basic physical senses. We all have the ability to connect to our innate sixth sense through our intuition. This feeling sense is our connection point to our higher Soul self and Source. In order to connect to Source through our intuition, we must increase our sensitivity and raise our vibration enough to attune to these higher level frequencies. Everyone has the ability to tune in and re-connect to their intuition, it just takes a willingness to do so and some development practices. I can assist those that would like to learn how to re-connect through Coaching sessions.
Mediumship is different than intuition, in that someone chooses to be a medium. A psychic is someone that can sense, feel and connect to your energy field (in my case, only with permission and in the highest integrity).  A psychic medium has specific mediumship guides that can connect to another person's guidance in Source. A medium can also be a psychic and can use both abilities to relay the messages they receive. Mediumship abilities go beyond connecting to our own intuition and can be acquired through personal development.
A medium chooses to be of service, in order to help others to connect to their personal guidance and loved ones that have crossed into spirit. Messages are only ever loving and of the very highest vibration, with God as the Source. You never have to worry that a message will be scary or fear based. Your personal guides dictate the messages and they know exactly what is for your highest and best to share with you. As a medium, I relay those messages to you in the most sacred way, they are only ever LOVING and for your highest and best. If you have any questions about psychic mediumship, please don't hesitate to ask! A reading is nothing like what you have seen in the movies and is totally secure, safe and not fear based. I only operate from the absolute highest vibration and integrity with loving intent, so that is what you will receive from me, I allow nothing less. 

Akashic Record readings:  The Akashic records hold the vast wisdom of the entire Universe, through all time and space. Any creation that ever was, is, or will be is documented in the records. Visiting the records through a psychic reading, allows you to connect and learn more about your specific life path through the immeasurable wisdom of the Universe. Here you can access information and a higher perspective understanding of your unique purpose. Gain insights that can support you in healing and lend to greater self awareness, self acceptance and expansion. You can also learn more about those you are close to, as pertains to what you are learning through your unique relationship dynamics and how this lends to your own personal self growth and Soul evolution. The main purpose of having an Akashic records reading is to  gain insight into your unique Soul mission, calling and purpose. This type of reading also can provide detailed information, if you want to delve into a specific topic and ask for more information. 

Part of my energy signature, be-ing and life purpose work, is help others to remember their authenticity on a soul level, while stepping into their own gifts and purpose. I love being able to help others to see patterns, think outside of the box and shift their perspective and energy in order to facilitate healing and growth on all levels. Promoting overall health and well being through connection to our most authentic being is my passion and its an absolute honor to witness and be a part of my client's growth and expansion! I take my gifts of psychic mediumship very seriously and only ever share these gifts with others for their absolute highest and best.

You can find Akashic Record and Oracle card pricing information here. 

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