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packages & pricing

Individual session pricing:  

Learn more about each specific offering on individual menu pages. To reserve a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation, or to book your session: email me. In-person and Zoom / Whatsapp sessions available for nationwide / International coaching sessions or readings. Distance Reiki is available as well.

60 minute session: $150  /  90 minute session: $225

Your choice of either an Intuitive Reiki session, an Intuitive Coaching session, or an Akashic Records reading .  90 minute sessions are more in-depth and allow for a more comprehensive experience. All sessions include messages received through connection to God/Source, your higher Soul self, Angels and personal Guides.  Messages are relayed through me as the conduit/channel of Source through my psychic mediumship abilities.  Loved ones that have crossed over, often come through with messages. All messages that come through are loving and only for your absolute highest and best. It's like having a meeting with your personal guidance team to receive clarity, expand into a  higher perspective and open to new order to connect with and co-create with them. We have free-will and are here to learn, our team is here to support us!

Email to learn more about current package special offers. I offer 6 one-hour sessions plus a gift for those that would like to work together more in depth.

NEW! Manifestation Method Coaching Session: 60 minute session $150

Learn more about this special offer here.

Release work/ Relationship Coaching: 120 minute session: $300

For those interested in learning how to use a very powerful energetic tool (in the form of a worksheet) that helps you to release and transmute any old thoughts, beliefs, insecurities, toxic family lineage or replaying patterns in your life that no longer serve you.  The main benefit being, that you can finally move forward in your life feeling unhindered and free. In this session, I walk you through releasing and transmuting all that you no longer wish to order to reconnect with your true, innate, core being that has been hidden, forgotten and stifled by the conditioning and self-limiting beliefs you have been carrying for so long. Get ready to experience Miracles in your life when you chose to make a commitment to yourself and lighten your heavy load!

Soul Shine portraiture photography session: $222

Includes up to 90 minutes of portraiture photography. An online web gallery to display the final, edited, print-ready image proofs is included. Many people use these images as head-shots (but better, because the focus is on capturing your energy and essence, beauty inside and out!). We can also take images that exemplify your services and products for your business, marketing, website and social media. I tend to attract lots of heart-centered, artisans, authors, wellness based, small business owners that want to better connect with and attract in their perfect clientele through these energetically powerful images.

 **Professional prints and individual high resolution files are available for purchase separately, through your web gallery.  I also offer the purchase of a USB drive including all of the final, edited, print-ready, high resolution image files.  Light re-touching for up to ten (10) of your favorite images is included with the purchase of the USB drive. The re-touched files will be included with the rest of your image files on the USB drive. 


**Add makeup application to your photo session for an additional $100.  

 If you are interested in Soul Shine portraits, please email me and we can set up a time to discuss ideas. Pricing can vary depending on how complex the session is and how much time is involved. Read more detailed information about Soul Shine portraits here. 

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