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My name is Katie Klein, thank you for taking the time to learn about the services that I offer as a certified Radical Living Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Photographer and Artist.  Since my graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001, I have offered my services as a professional Photographer and Artist.

About twelve years ago, I embarked on an amazing journey of healing and self discovery, moving from head to heart.  My life has completely transformed along the way and this has inspired me to expand the services that I offer.  My intention is to inspire others to remember who they are at a soul level and to live in that truth. Through the exploration of many books, classes and workshops, I have found support in the unfoldment of my own self discovery process.  As one step has led to the next, I am grateful to be able to share the gifts that I have re-discovered within myself and the skills that I have acquired along the way, as my life purpose work.  Combining my artistic expression with my knowledge and love of wellness, I am able  to facilitate a customized experience that supports each individual client. 

We are all at differing stages of opening up to our own self expression. 

I believe that is ultimately why we are here in earth school, to come into our own wholeness and the full expression of who we are on all levels. When we tap into our creative potential and passions, we can live our truth and share our own unique gifts with others along the way. 

As we come into a deeper knowing of self, we also come to a deeper understanding of life and our connection to all that is, our connection as one.  We discover that doing our own inner work not only helps us to support and love ourselves unconditionally, it allows us to connect on a deeper and more loving level with our friends, family, community and the collective at large.

To experience wholeness, we come to understand that it is essential to care for ourselves on all levels (mind, body, spirit, heart).  This is the key to reaching our ultimate level of vitality, happiness and wellbeing.

The depth of the love and care we give to others, is often dependent on the level of love and care that are willing to provide (and receive!) for ourselves. Limiting beliefs, can actually limit the love we are willing to receive from others and they keep us stuck in a cycle of toxic relationship patterns.  I support clients in the process of breaking through the cycles that we seemingly have no power over,  as it is absolutely possible to change them.  Once we are able to transmute these self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, we open up to make room to receive the abundance and miracles that the Universe wants to bestow upon us!  Both release and manifestation tools and guidance are available through my intuitive coaching sessions. Read more about coaching sessions here. 

I am here to hold space and help to remind you who you are at a soul level, beyond what you were conditioned to believe about yourself.  We are all divine spiritual beings here in earth school, having a human experience.  Not only are we here to learn, grow and expand...we are also here to feel all things human! 

It's not easy, but it is beautiful and our perspective and mindset determines our experiences.  Our minds are powerful, we are powerful creators, we just seem to have forgotten... then in perfect timing, we come to remember.  It is so important to live a lifestyle that connects mind, body, spirit and heart!  Sometimes we just need a little support along the way,  as we are not alone.  We are connected and ultimately we are all just helping to walk each other home. 

With so much love and compassion, 


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