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soul shine portraits

Soul Shine Portraits: scroll down to the bottom section of this page to view a gallery of Soul Shine Images. 


I have always been passionate about capturing the beauty of each individual that I photograph, inside and out. In the Soul Shine photography sessions that I offer, my intention is to lovingly capture each individual's energy,  their innate beauty, the essence of the soul.  A pretty photograph is nice, but a Soul Shine portrait helps others to connect with you on a deeper level, with more understanding of who you really are. These soul shine portraits can help others to feel in resonance with you, as they can see and feel your energy through the images.

I've been photographing people professionally for over 15 years now, moving from fashion photography in N.Y. and L.A. , back to N.C.  Weddings and portraiture have been my specialty since returning to the south.  I have also offered my services as a makeup artist to my clients. Being able to touch their faces and look them in the eyes while applying their makeup, helps me to connect with them personally. This helps so much with their comfort and confidence level when taking photographs afterwards. This level of comfort, allows me to capture very authentic images of each individual. 

One other form of portraiture I have done much of over the years has been taking head-shots. What an impersonal term, "head-shots". The past few years, I have been attracting many clients that are starting businesses, small business owners, artists, healers, authors, actors, coaches....lots of heart-centered people! "Soul Shine portraits" are my version of taking head-shots to a new level.


The feedback I have received about how much the portraits help to attract "perfect" clients, romantic relationships and other significant connections has been astounding. Many of my clients who updated their web sites with the  images we took,  reported back several months later that their business had grown dramatically, attributing  a great deal of that success to the new images! 

Almost all shopping is done online nowadays, so adding these images to your business web site is more important than ever.  The energy captured in these images helps to attract your perfect clients like a they are able to envision themselves working with you. 

 If you are interested in booking your own Soul Shine portraiture session, please email me and we can set up a time to discuss ideas. Pricing can vary depending on how complex the session is and how much time is involved. Basic pricing is below....

Soul Shine portraiture session - $222

- Up to 90 minutes of portraiture photography. 

- An online web gallery to display the final, edited, print-ready images.


 **Professional prints and individual high resolution files are available for purchase separately, through your web gallery.  I also offer the purchase of a USB drive including all of the final, edited, print-ready, high resolution image files.  Light re-touching for up to ten (10) of your favorite images is included with the purchase of the USB drive. The re-touched files will be included with the rest of your image files on the USB drive. 


**Add makeup application to your session for an additional $100.  


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