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What clients are saying....

"Even after moving to Arizona, I still choose to work with Katie because she is the best at what she does. She brings out your radiance, Spirit and light in her photo sessions. Katie puts you at ease, coaches you to comfort, and helps to capture your Soul in a tangible way. She is radiant light."

Whitney McNeill - Soul Shine portraiture sessions

Owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC 

Certified Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Intuition and Mediumship & Reiki Master Teacher


"Recently, I experienced a major career breakthrough thanks to Katie's Intuitive Coaching for my business. Over the span of three months, Katie's intuitive wisdom helped me to successfully navigate the creative and interpersonal challenges that came up during the launch of a major project. 

With her help, I was able to accurately "tune-in" to my audience's true wants and desires, allow powerful language from "spirit" to filter into my work and reveal an emotional personal story that helped my new project resonate with those that needed it the most. 

In fact...after just four weeks since launch, this new project has become my most successful to date. At this point, we have generated over One Million dollars in sales. I expect it to reach and touch the lives of thousands of more people.


Katie helped me to become more open on many levels and understand that our willingness to share with vulnerability is a powerful way to touch the lives of others and to be of service. Her intuitive insights helped me to think outside the box and allowed for expansion into innovative new ideas and co-creation with spirit through my writing." 

HansIntuitive Coaching for business

Business Owner

Creative Copywriting 

"Katie is so wonderful to work with! Not only does she create stunning images, but she made me feel completely at ease during all of our sessions. I had the honor of Katie attending my son's birth as our photographer. She was a powerful part of my birth team as well, facilitating Reiki to support me during the birthing process. In our newborn session she was patient and loving. The Soul Shine portraits have really helped me to connect with my perfect client base and accurately portray the kind of sacred work that I do. Katie's Soul Shine photography offering is sacred work, in which she uplifts her fellow sisters and really captures their unique essence, gifts and offerings."

Dawn Leonard - Soul Shine portraiture session, Birth photography session, Reiki, Newborn photography session

Owner of Sacred Rhythms

Fertility & Birth Doula, Reiki Master, Yoga, Sacred Ceremony

"Katie is a very gifted intuitive and sensitive healer. She gave me intuitive information that was so accurate, it basically saved my life. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it is the truth. I was very sick last summer and she was able to see the cause was my environment and that I was suffering from mold toxins. She also gave me the information I needed at the time to be able to trust my intuition and begin a great transformation. 

All is settled and I am well now, but I will never forget how spirit brought Katie to my aid, to deliver the messages I needed in my time of crisis. We are never alone and there is always help for us. Katie has stepped into her power of listening and healing. I continue to work with Katie for my continued well-being and cannot recommend her highly enough!" 

Stephanie Teague Trippe - Intuitive Reiki sessions

Owner Pretty Birdie Co.

Clothing Designer, Artist

"Katie Klein's photography sessions bring out the true nature of the person behind the mask, revealing more beauty than they expected to see. This is what makes Katie's photography so compelling and valuable. Having my son's photographs taken by Katie was a beautiful experience for him, and for us, who now hold the delight of his joyful being in images we will always treasure." 

Jennifer Hoppins - Soul Shine portraiture session for her son Elliot

Artist, Playwright, Published Author, Creative 

"Without any expectation that my life would change as much as it has, through coaching sessions with Katie, I have been given the gift of transformation. I once believed that all I had to do was read insightful books on self help and that I would be able to manage whatever came my way. But books alone have not solved my most difficult challenges. I needed someone who understood healing from a different perspective, something not like traditional therapy. I needed to step out of my conditioned patterns before my life could change. That support came when I decided to do my first coaching session with Katie. This help arrived in perfect timing, as I was going through a painful and exasperating time in my life. 

Almost immediately after our session, I was at peace about my situation without any effort or struggle. The mystery of how this peace occurred is something I'm not able to explain or fully understand, but I continue to experience the positive effects from this session. Katie was able to guide me through the process in such a way that I was able to suspend my former resistance to healing old patterns and wounds. I have also been able to transform my most difficult relationships into the loving and kind relationships they were meant to be, through the tools she has shared with me. This transformation is still happening and bringing me new peace every single day.


There are not enough words to express how much this means not only to me, but my family. With my new perspective and a shift from traditional head based therapy, to the heart centered healing Katie offers, my relationships, both familial and professional are blooming and thriving in ways I never thought possible. I am excited to continue my process of transformation with my coach, Katie Klein, who helped me to unblock my strongest will against the tyranny of assumptions and old beliefs. Those old beliefs were getting in the way of my peace and my progression forward. My gratitude for this gift continues to unfold and I now feel peace in my heart toward even the most difficult situations and relationships." 

Jennifer Hoppins - Intuitive Coaching Sessions, Radical Forgiveness/Living Coaching Session

Artist, Playwright, Published Author, Creative 

"Following a particularly difficult year, I decided to try a Reiki session with Katie and it was a truly wonderful experience. I felt completely safe and relaxed in her presence and found the treatment to be deeply soothing. I cannot explain or understand how Katie knows some of the things that she knows. It is truly a gift. I brought my partner to see her the following week and he was equally impressed. I will be returning with my daughter soon as well." 

Joey Wall - Intuitive Reiki Session

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kneaded Energy

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