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Intuitive Coaching sessions include a variety of different techniques and tools that are customized to best fit individual needs.  

During these sessions I share my entrepreneurial experience, along with intuitive information and supportive techniques and tools to best serve you moving forward on your life path. 

Coaching Sessions are customized to best fit individual needs and goals. Below are a few of the different subjects that can be covered. It is not necessary to know which type of session you are interested in, as we may end up covering a few different topics and tools, depending on your specific path and interests. 


Release/Forgiveness: These sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to consciously become aware of unconscious blockages and patterns that may be hindering them from moving forward. The techniques and tools that we implement, help to acknowledge and transmute these blockages in order to help you to move forward freely with a more empowered perspective. 

Manifestation/Conscious lifestyle: These sessions are for individuals that want to learn more about manifestation. They are also beneficial for those that want to get clear on their desires, intentions and goals. With the help of the manifestation techniques and tools that I will share with you, we can work towards alignment with your desired outcome.  If you have tried manifestation techniques in the past and they did not feel successful, I am not surprised. There is a fine balance that needs to occur in order to experience, "being in the flow".  This is the state of being described when manifestation and synchronicity is experienced often, along with a feeling of being in alignment.  A change in lifestyle and perspective, along with some release work can help to remove self-limiting beliefs and other blockages. This makes room and opens you up to receiving the new and to experience being in the flow. Many people unconsciously believe they don't deserve what they most desire. For example, money set-points and unconscious beliefs about money can limit our ability to receive monetary abundance. These patterns and beliefs can be transmuted. When expansion is desired, some work and dedication is involved, but it is not as time consuming or complicated as you may think! I am here to support you through the process. 

Intuitive sessions for Creative projects, services and businesses: This session is geared towards individuals working on a creative project, 

or product development, that would like some intuitive guidance and inspiration. It is also beneficial for those who are starting, developing, or expanding a business or a new venture. I have been a successful small business owner for over ten years, therefore I am able to combine my entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, along with the intuitive guidance and messages that I receive for you.  For individuals seeking this type of support, these sessions can be customized to meet your specific needs in order to help you to reach your goals. Manifestation, inspiration and innovative, out of the box ideas developed during these sessions can take your business or project to the next level. 


Through customized sessions, you are provided with resources and tools that you can implement at home, in order to continue to facilitate your progression forward. Having the added support in coaching sessions, holds sacred and loving space for you to understand your own powerful ability to heal, grow and create an abundant, joyful and fulfilling life. The most life changing aspect of making this commitment to yourself is the re-connection and remembrance of who you are on a soul level.  Conditioning and false beliefs that you no longer wish to carry and do not serve you moving forward, can be transmuted and released. The freedom that is felt and experienced through be-ing your authentic self, in all that you are and all that you do...allows for your soul to shine in all it's glory, as we are all connected as one expression of the divine, having a human experience. 

Part of my energy signature, be-ing and life purpose work, is help others to remember their authenticity on a soul level, while stepping into their own gifts and purpose. I love being able to help others to see patterns, think outside of the box and shift their perspective and energy in order to facilitate healing and growth on all levels. 

You can find pricing and read more detailed information here about coaching sessions and my coaching background. 

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