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More information about high vibe art: 

Art creation for healing and self-discovery: Creating art stimulates the right side of the brain. Many people have shut down their creativity over the years, conditioned by a left-brain dominant society. Re-connection to our creative side is essential, in order to experience our full expression of self and wholeness. Balance of left and right brain, goes right along with the re-balancing happening right now with the masculine and feminine (we all have both). The right brain is seen as more feminine and is connected to our ability to create, our inspiration, imagination, intuition and spirituality. These elements are key to being able to live as a heart-centered, empowered being, who is able to create and manifest their life.


When we are disconnected from our own intuition, we cannot experience "being in the flow". We can also feel extremely disempowered, as though we have no control or power over our life circumstances. Another issue with this disconnection from our creative side, is that we tend to look for answers and advise from others, instead of looking within. We can also make decisions based on our thoughts (mind/ego) instead of our heart (gut feelings and intuition). Our mind can easily lead us astray, because it is guided by our unconscious patterns, thought and beliefs. It is also much easier to make a fear based decision when only relying on the mind to guide us. Your soul self (higher self) knows exactly why you are here and what you are here to do, your life path and soul mission. Re-connection with the right brain allows you to access this inner knowing and authority. We are powerful, creative beings and it's up to us to remember who we are at a soul level. We can do this by releasing the blockages and conditioning that binds us to living a false truth. Creating art can help us to get there! 

A few images from the iamallthatis project:

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