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high vibe art

My background as an artist and photographer, has allowed me to incorporate and combine my artistic expression with the healing modalities that I share. Art is a powerful tool of self-expression and can be a very effective medium to attaining wholeness.  

Creation of art can easily help you to increase your energetic vibration. We are energetic beings, made of energy, everything around us is energy Increasing our vibratory rate is essential to living a full, vibrant life and experiencing wholeness on all levels (mind, body, spirit, heart).


Following my intuitive guidance, I have been inspired to create high vibration paintings. These paintings can increase the vibration of your home, office, bedroom, sanctuary space, classroom, yoga or meditation room, any space that needs a little lift. The intention I set for each painting, is to uplift and inspire each recipient, for their highest and best. I then use my intuition to create the perfect match for each individual. The paintings exude high vibrational energies such as enlightenment, love, peace, joy and connection. Visually, soft colors are used that flow in a pattern that is easy on the eyes and feels natural, similar to flowing water. Certain colors can be requested pre-painting, in order to best accommodate the space where the painting will be hanging. Paintings for drums and other spiritual objects are also available upon request. Email me to set up a consultation to discuss your custom created piece of art. 

Art, including painting, photography and drawing can be incorporated into some of the intuitive coaching sessions and workshops that I offer. This form of art creation is therapeutic in nature, so it is less about creating a likeness and more about expression of feelings in an abstract form. So often, I hear people say, "I am just not creative".  Unfortunately, it's all too common, as many people have had a negative or shaming experience around their creative self expression in the past. In turn, this can cause a separation from vital parts of themselves, leaving a feeling of unfulfillment. Many are not even aware that this is the case, until they start to heal and re-discover their gifts. "It's not okay to be me",  is one of the most common self-limiting beliefs. Recognition and awareness that these self-limiting beliefs exist, can be key in releasing them and re-claiming our gifts and full self-expression. Art creation can help to access feelings, thoughts and emotions that may have been disowned, denied and repressed. It can also help you to re-connect with your right brained abilities.


To read more about the right brain connection and to view a slideshow of images from a project I did a few years ago combining forgiveness work with art therapy click here. 

Vanesa painting for my site
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